Land of Beauty

Good and bad is everywhere, we should find it from inside. It depends to how we see it. I see beauty more than darkness while I came Canada.

I should be great full of all beauty that coast to coast has it and I am. I want be a person who Canada would proud of.

I want to say to myself, here, in our bar with all beauty and beast, that: I’ll be the best for you my new land.

Bubbles of a drunk mind

It’s sad when I see people be became a not people. I mean, they forgot them humanity. It’s so sad when I think people can make a great world, but they go on opposite of way.

Let me tel you a example then I’ll tell you my point. In my work place which is a snake bar I can order a glass of beer after finish my work. We got more than ten bar attendant. Some of beer has bubbles but from a guy I couldn’t see any bubbles. He still there to fill my glass. One other but all the time give me glass of one fifth of bubbles and a glass of beer. His attitude most the time is not nice or I can’t see nice attitude of him about myself. Bubbles can be a symbol of be kind, nice, and good person. Show respect for people or on the opposite side bad person while it’s too much. 

By the way I twit a picture of a normal bubbles that shows I am another person in world for this guy that I like it. I like be neutral than be a bad or good for people. I want say please don’t look at me. Let I pass beside of you, that’s it.