Land of Beauty

Good and bad is everywhere, we should find it from inside. It depends to how we see it. I see beauty more than darkness while I came Canada.

I should be great full of all beauty that coast to coast has it and I am. I want be a person who Canada would proud of.

I want to say to myself, here, in our bar with all beauty and beast, that: I’ll be the best for you my new land.

Published by

شایان Shayan T

Driven from hometown; person of colour at new home. An Iranian Canadian Gay blogger who lives in Toronto, Canada and study media. From December 2009, I began to write about who I am and I shifted to some gay community activity. I forced to leave my hometown and for about three years I was a refugee in Turkey. Now I am a newcomer who tries to find Canada as a new home.

نگاه شما

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