There will be somewhere

It’s 4:23 AM that I am still awake while tomorrow I have some room visiting appointment then work from 4:30 PM to afther midnight. Life became a stressful in these days what I am looking for a place to call it home. Therefore, it’s hard to sleep night by night when February going to finish in number 29 and 10 days left for leaving this place as my one and half year home.

I couldn’t find a place with all posetiv feel which usually I chose from this feeling, for anything selective. People mostly are not responding my contacts by any reasons or them room are not what I expect for living. Even these two last days I have been down to go somewhere by taking it easy than before than.

However, a point make me happy in this time: I can communicate with people who are offering me the rooms or bachelors. Before was hard to understand them as much as to find a right roomie with all my life experience. Thus, I want to keep myself optimist.

Now is 3:39 of Family Day morning and I listening to Will You Be There with my all hope in these ten days left. I have hope that in all my pain, a four wall room with a window can hold me, carry me, show me, and be there which my home in Turkey when I was refugee done that for myself. A safe, positive, hopeful place that I need.

Land of Beauty

Good and bad is everywhere, we should find it from inside. It depends to how we see it. I see beauty more than darkness while I came Canada.

I should be great full of all beauty that coast to coast has it and I am. I want be a person who Canada would proud of.

I want to say to myself, here, in our bar with all beauty and beast, that: I’ll be the best for you my new land.

My first English post

Honestly, i don`t know English and i need learn this so i started talk to people for learning and then i think, i`m writer and i love writing, why i don`t beginning English writing? people help me when i have mistake in talking so when i have mistake in writing, they send comment: Shayan, this is fault.

Let me say who i am, because the about note is in Persian.

My nick name is Shayan and this is a Persian name. when i started this blog, i can`t writing by my name. in Iran we haven`t freedom of speech so i must choice another name. when i want choose, i had a classmate named “Shayan” then I thought that name is perfect . Shayan means “worthy”.

Now i`m 26 years old and two weeks ago i moved to Toronto. i was refugee in turkey for 3 years. In Iran i had gay activities but 1 years father coming in turkey i stopped, because i had been exhausted and Depressed. i needed to take care of myself. Anyway, after my language skills grow, I will write my life story.

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