Land of Beauty

Good and bad is everywhere, we should find it from inside. It depends to how we see it. I see beauty more than darkness while I came Canada.

I should be great full of all beauty that coast to coast has it and I am. I want be a person who Canada would proud of.

I want to say to myself, here, in our bar with all beauty and beast, that: I’ll be the best for you my new land.

My first English post

Honestly, i don`t know English and i need learn this so i started talk to people for learning and then i think, i`m writer and i love writing, why i don`t beginning English writing? people help me when i have mistake in talking so when i have mistake in writing, they send comment: Shayan, this is fault.

Let me say who i am, because the about note is in Persian.

My nick name is Shayan and this is a Persian name. when i started this blog, i can`t writing by my name. in Iran we haven`t freedom of speech so i must choice another name. when i want choose, i had a classmate named “Shayan” then I thought that name is perfect . Shayan means “worthy”.

Now i`m 26 years old and two weeks ago i moved to Toronto. i was refugee in turkey for 3 years. In Iran i had gay activities but 1 years father coming in turkey i stopped, because i had been exhausted and Depressed. i needed to take care of myself. Anyway, after my language skills grow, I will write my life story.

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